I enjoyed a thorough consultative appointment with Dr. Amy Etsudo Wiesner at her 91 East Road Norwalk, Connecticut office, just a week ago. I found her to be an extremely warm and kind practitioner, and a very professional one. As a mature individual, I have many medical conditions that have stabilized with traditional medical treatment. Dr. Amy”s approach is more encouraging and proactive. She was able to prescribe supplements and dietary advice very specific to me. I had an acupuncture session on a heated exam table (sigh!) and very much appreciated her gentle touch with the needles. A very generous, very encouraging caregiver. I actually left the appointment smiling! Will be returning.– from JK

If you are looking for a caring and knowledgeable Naturopathic doctor, Dr. Amy Wiesner will surpass your expectations. She really listens and tries to get to the root of the problem. She is patient and empathetic but will hold you accountable and reach your goals! I also do acupuncture with Dr. Amy once a week and the results are phenomenal. I am handling stress much better and relieving some pain that has been with me for years. Do yourself a favor and invest in yourself by investing in Dr. Amy.–from IH

Dr. Amy Wiesner is absolutely wonderful! I have been going to her for many years. She is a caring and highly skilled practitioner and I look forward to continuing to go to hey for many years to come.–from LH

Frustrated with the medical industry telling me to take steroids for a chronic skin issue, I sought out Dr. Wiesner. I have been a patient of hers since last summer. The skin issue had been going on for years. She took her time going through my entire history. Hereditary, medical and emotional/physical. She was compassionate and thorough, and since then, we have been able to heal this skin issue pretty drastically in just a few short months. One of the most impressive things about her is that she incorporates my input into my healing. We have worked together as a team in the healing of my skin. She has been a wealth of knowledge to help me make better lifestyle choices to heal my skin. We have discussed the core issues that started it, and with regular acupuncture sessions, and “tune ups” on the bio resonance machine, we have firmly established a great healing plan. I highly recommend Dr. Wiesner as a naturopath. Her warm and caring nature only adds to the healing of the human body.–from EC

Dr. Wiesner is an amazing practitioner… most ailments I had were treated and then went away within 1/2 hour to a few days. She has an extended general health and nutrition knowledgebase that gives her quite an advantage over local doctors (particularly MDs). Definitely ask her about custom diets for you… she brought my weight down relatively quickly (and definitely more easily) via suggested diet changes.–from WN

Dr. Amy listens carefully to what’s going on with your whole self then combines it with her vast knowledge and both modern and ancient therapies to come up with an individualized solution. I have been her patient for many years and resolved gut issues, stress/anxiety, back pain among other concerns and highly recommend her.–from L